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StayWell (formerly StayWell Interactive, StayWell Health Management and MediMedia)

StayWell (formerly StayWell Interactive, StayWell Health Management and MediMedia) screenshot

I am currently employed full time for StayWell as a Senior Applications Developer, where I have been since 2010.

My primary responsibilities have included maintaining and extending our primary external facing web application (StayWell Portal), implementing client customizations and building/maintaining miscellaneous internal applications.

Some interesting projects I have taken part in while at StayWell:

  • Participated on the development team responsible for rewriting the StayWell Online front end and releasing the next major version
  • Worked with existing code and a third party SAML library to implement inbound and outbound SSO implementations.
  • Wrote C# SAML wrapper utility, enabling our team to implement new outbound SSO implementations with only a few lines of code.
  • Created an internal tool used to generate excel documents containing all default localized site text and other related information to improve the client implementation process.
  • Participated in a large project to migrate StayWell Online between MediMedia companies (Krames Staywell to StayWell Health Management). This included migrating code from StarTeam source control to TFS, as well as contributing to the creation of new automated build processes.
  • Created an internal tool used to automate .NET GAC installations used by StayWell Online.
  • Created an internal tool to automate setting up all client websites on a developer machine. The tool automates building the site via msbuild, creates the site node in IIS, creates a virtual directory to a remote document share, applies credentials, adds the new IIS site nodes to an application pool and adds an appropriate hosts entry - all with detailed log output. After all the sites are setup it also employs Selenium Web Driver to automate testing that all client sites load up without errors. Pretty fun!
  • Participated on a team responsible for implementing integration with Fitbit. My role on this team was to create a responsive ajax driven UI that consumes our newly created web service (which communicates with Fitbit via their Rest API and also with our own database). I also contributed to the creation of the web services that communicate with Fitbit, as well as our internal database structure.
  • Assisted with migration effort when Krames StayWell merged back with Staywell Health Management. Helped train new team members on internal and external facing applications and processes involved in maintaining developing them.
  • Participated on team responsible for merging our existing product into Sitecore (.NET enterprise CMS solution).
  • Built SAML test utility to allow simpler testing and implementation and troubleshooting of all things SSO. Includes features to generate public certificates, base64 encode/decode payloads, encrypt/decrypt payloads, validate signatures and login test users.
  • Participated in architecture and construction of new features and subsystems involving technologies new to the team (iFrame plugins, MongoDB, KnockoutJS, RequireJS, RestSharp, HttpClient and others)
  • Assisted in solving multiple difficult third party compiled code bugs by analyzing decompiled assemblies.
  • More detail available upon request

Academica West

Academica West screenshot

Goal: Provide front- and back-end employment application search and management functionality.

Users are able to search for jobs based on location and position type. The users can then fill out and submit the application online. Administrators can manage job listings and announcements that appear on the front-end. The admin is also able to add notes to, set the statuses of, search through or print the submitted applications.

Arie's Capital Partners

Arie's Capital Partners screenshot

Goal: News content management.

For this project I built a user login and a simple content manager for adding, removing and editing news items.

Bodyfit Wellness

Bodyfit Wellness screenshot

Goal: A simple interface to connect Bodyfit's website to their gift certificate purchase page at paypal.com.

This project was a standard paypal integration with a form that accepts the gift certificate amount, recipient's name, sender's name and forwards that information on to paypal to complete the transaction.

Brahma Group, Inc

Brahma Group, Inc screenshot

Goal: Create application form that dyncamically converts result into a PDF document.

This 3 step employment application captures the user's information, dynamically generates a PDF document and emails a notification to the administrator.

Canker Complete

Canker Complete screenshot

Goal: Build a static informational site, customize a shopping cart and seamlessly integrate the two.

Photoshop documents were transformed into a matching custom site and a Magento template.

Daily Bread

Daily Bread screenshot

Goal: Informational site and a lead generation form.

I used a custom PHP template engine I wrote to facilitate quick construction of this site.

Display Boys

Display Boys screenshot

Goal: Build content management for Display Boys' flash website.

Created a simple tool to manage data to be displayed and integrated content into flash site using javascript hooks.


DZNuts screenshot

Goal: A customized ecommerce website.

Customized and deployed a ZenCart implementation to meet the customer's needs.


Evolutioncard screenshot

While at Evolutioncard I built a number of PHP web applications to assist the call center. I also assisted in maintaining the customer facing PHP website.

Fat Bob's Garage

Fat Bob's Garage screenshot

Goal: Create a front-end website for a shopping cart hosted at Nexternal.

Built front-end homepage and search utility and integrated it into a third party shopping cart application on a separate website.


Foodinsurance.com screenshot

Goal: Build a custom informational website and implement an ecommerce solution.

Built a custom site with a lead generation form and integrated a customized Magento eCommerce shopping cart solution.

Interior Architects

Interior Architects screenshot

Goal: Create back-end content management and make that content available for the flash application. Create an interface for job applicants to upload their resume and cover letter and select which jobs they are interested in.

The back-end interface allows the admin to create job postings, press releases and public speaking events. Content integrated into flash application using javascript hooks and a popup page.

Interior Architects Corporate Store

Interior Architects Corporate Store screenshot

Goal: Build a corporate store on the company intranet that integrates with third party fulfillment.

Application was written in ASP.NET/C# to cater to the client's hosting environment. The site functions as a normal shopping cart but submits the information via HTTP request to the fulfillment company's server instead of processing payment information or handling other standard ecommerce tasks.

Interior Architects Corporate Intranet

Interior Architects Corporate Intranet screenshot

Goal: Build website from Photoshop documents and transfer content of old site to the new site.

Built corporate intranet website using ASP.NET/C# to cater to client's hosting environment. Ported content from old intranet to this new site.

Krosswood Doors

Krosswood Doors screenshot

Goal: Salvage code written by offshore freelance developer and finish developing custom CRM.

This site includes many features, including the following:

  • Custom role based user authentication
  • Distributor management
  • Sales Rep management
  • Dealer management
  • Report generator
  • Asset management
  • Press releases
  • Sales Tracking
  • Geocoding tool integrated into dealer management


Lochner screenshot

While working full-time for HW Lochner I helped develop a new company intranet. I also developed a static site for the Peoria Eastern Bypass project.

Nerve Custom Integrators

Nerve Custom Integrators screenshot

Goal: Add an image gallery to Nerve's placeholder website.

I used a free flash image gallery called SimpleViewer.

OC Tanner

OC Tanner screenshot

Goal: Implement designs for a prototype of O.C. Tanner's new program management software.

Although the prototype was built primarily for displaying the visual template I was asked to implement functionality for a few pages in the site so they could get a good feel for how things would look and feel.


OneTel screenshot

Goal: Create an informational website based on Photoshop documents.

Peoria Eastern Bypass

Peoria Eastern Bypass screenshot

Goal: Create an informational website for the Peoria Eastern Bypass Study that will allow users to read about the project and download associated PDF documents.

Rumor Advertising

Rumor Advertising screenshot

Many of the projects listed in this portfolio were completed while working full time for Rumor Advertising, as well as a few items that were completed as freelance projects for Rumor as the entity SilverSocket.

For more information on Rumor Advertising, check out their website at rumoradvertising.com.

This could be you!

This could be you! screenshot

Do you have a great idea you need turned into a website?

Do you have an existing website that needs to be upgraded?

Do you have a difficult bug you need help fixing?

Contact me

Disclaimer: This portfolio combines work completed by Michael Thompson as the entity SilverSocket, LLC and also work that Michael has completed over the past 9 years while working full time for the companies Evolution Management, H.W. Lochner, Rumor Advertising and StayWell (formerly MediMedia). All trademarks and logos on this page belong to their respective companies. If you represent one of the companies whose information is displayed on this page and you would like it removed, please contact me.   back to top

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